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Director and Shareholder Disputes Solicitors Ireland

A company’s Director and/or shareholders must make certain that the company’s articles of association are addressed the needs of the business and the circumstances the company is currently facing. However, disputes still occur and the company’s articles should be there to issue guidance and instruction on how to handle disputes in a timely period and with as little cost as possible.

Disputes come from a number of reasons and as varying and different as they can be Planet Legal and Finance has seen disputes arise from: business direction, dividend payments, and dissolution of professional relationships. Understanding your legal rights and obligations is the most practical beginning to a cost effective handling of disputes with the greatest protection to your company’s framework of operations.

Planet Legal and Finance works with partnered legal advisors for your dispute handling between shareholders, and directors by providing options for resolution. The articles of association, who holds control, who handles shareholder meetings and a number of other aspects all come together to be brought into consideration for the right resolution for your companies dispute. Clear and useful advice is provided with a thorough understanding from our partnered advisors regarding your rights, and options as well as your obligations.

Often disputes are brought into mediation, where articles of association can provide direction. With the experience that our partnered advisors have in dispute handling they can offer advising from the beginning of a dispute to you achieving full resolution.

While some disputes work best in achieving resolution through mediation, our partnered advisors can offer from experience that commercial litigation can also be a source of resolution when necessary.

Please contact Planet Legal and Finance to be connected with a partnered advisor to discuss your options in handling a company dispute.


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