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Save time & money with our man and a van service that offers big business removal services without the big business price tag

If you're a small to medium size business that needs low cost moving, delivery, disposal or storage we want to help you

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A Dublin man and van team specialising in office moves and storage for all Ireland and the UK.

Commercial Storage Dublin

Our Commercial Storage Services

As a service provider catering exclusively to small and medium sized businesses we have learned a lot about the needs of businesses owners and managers in all industries.

And that is no less true for commercial business storage. Perhaps you need to store excess inventory. Or you have furniture, fixture or equipment that needs to be kept safe and secure. Or you're frowing fast (good for you) and you just need to free up some space in your offices or premises to accommodate it.

Whatever the case may be we at Planet Movers have flexible and affordable storage solutions in Dublin to meet any demand you can think of.

We have a full team of experts that are highly trained, fully equipped and eager to help you with any business storage needs you have. They will come to your business and careful receive you goods and deliver them to our Dublin facility. Having careful packed and dis-assembled your goods, furniture and equipment they will then be securely stored until you need them again.

At that stage our accommodating team will deliver your goods back to you safely and provide whatever support you need in moving, arranging and assembling you fixtures, furniture and equipment.

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